Santa Cruz Stylin'

Santa Cruz has always been my happy place. I grew up spending many weekends and holidays in Capitola where my grandpa lived, so I've continued to find comfort near the water ever since. Everything is easier — and slower — in Santa Cruz, which lends itself well to sunshine filled strolls down Pacific Ave. Every time, I somehow find myself strolling right into Stripe, my favorite boutique hands down.

I would live in Stripe if they allowed met. The sell everything from perfectly curated home decor, my favorite candles, beautiful clothing, to delicate gold jewelry — this place is dangerous. There's even a mens store next door filled with loads of quality clothing and accessories that you want to dress your man (or yourself!) in from head to toe. 

After I spend too much money in Stripe, I wrap up my weekend getaway by the ocean for a calm escape before the next week begins.

1. Banana Republic sweater 2. Loeffler Randall bag 3. Zara jeans 4. Madewell sandals 5. Raen sunglasses.