Snow Bunnies in Kirkwood

Taylor Swift and snow bunnies pretty much sum up last weekend. Surprisingly, it was the guys on the trip that put Taylor Swift's 1989 album on repeat . . . not the girls. The album seemed fitting for our weekend in Kirkwood – it was fun, dreamy, and filled with new friends. 

The weather was absolutely perfect. Not too cold but just cold enough to feel like it was winter in the mountains.  Here are more snaps from the trip!

The pic above perfectly exemplifies why I love California. Just a three and half hour drive from San Francisco, and you get a view like this. 

My friend's cabin was stunning. The high ceilings and cozy fireplace really made the space. Even better, there  were enough beds to sleep such a large party comfortably. I'm putting a cabin like this on my wish list for the future.