Going Coconuts for Trouble Coffee

Coconuts are known to have all kinds of healing powers — like repairing damaged hair, moisturizing dry skin, and even curing a bad hangover. However, not all coconuts are created equal and the ones sold at Trouble Coffee in the Outer Sunset are the best I've ever had. Along with fresh coconuts, you have to try their cinnamon toast and espresso drinks. It's a one stop shop for your caffeine fix and deliciousness.  

I took these two stylish ladies to Trouble Coffee where we sipped on coconuts, people watched on the parklet outside Outerlands, and checked out the General Store, one of my favorite boutiques in SF. See our fun below! 

Jocelyn is wearing a Reformation wrap dress and Raen sunglasses

Dreamy Summer Days

In San Francisco, the transition between spring and summer is pretty much non-existent. It's always a crapshoot between fog, sunshine, wind, or usually, a combination of all three. However, on those cloudy days, the city feels more dream-like and romantic, especially in Golden Gate Park. I took my gorgeous friends to the park for some photo shoot fun — which is the first location of many from the day. These two were beyond photogenic and so fun to shoot. Take a look below! 


Santa Cruz Stylin'

Santa Cruz has always been my happy place. I grew up spending many weekends and holidays in Capitola where my grandpa lived, so I've continued to find comfort near the water ever since. Everything is easier — and slower — in Santa Cruz, which lends itself well to sunshine filled strolls down Pacific Ave. Every time, I somehow find myself strolling right into Stripe, my favorite boutique hands down.

I would live in Stripe if they allowed met. The sell everything from perfectly curated home decor, my favorite candles, beautiful clothing, to delicate gold jewelry — this place is dangerous. There's even a mens store next door filled with loads of quality clothing and accessories that you want to dress your man (or yourself!) in from head to toe. 

After I spend too much money in Stripe, I wrap up my weekend getaway by the ocean for a calm escape before the next week begins.

1. Banana Republic sweater 2. Loeffler Randall bag 3. Zara jeans 4. Madewell sandals 5. Raen sunglasses.