Welcome to the Bright Collective

 Photo credit:  Ren Yagolnitzer

Photo credit: Ren Yagolnitzer

I'm a glass half full kinda girl living in the beautiful city of San Francisco. This blog is a collection of all things bright, beautiful, and inspiring.

Currently, I'm an Assistant Social Media Editor at POPSUGAR and on occasion, I write for the site. When I'm not at work, you can find me practicing yoga, cooking up something healthy, or pursuing my latest passion project, the Shine On Series

What started out as a place for me to practice photography and document my adventures, the Bright Collective has turned into a new home for the Shine On Series. This series interviews loved ones, community members, and even strangers on what makes them happy. I showcase all different kinds of people in various professions and lifestyles finding out what makes them feel alive, inspired, grateful, and above all, happy. Read more about the series here

Let's thrive together.