Santa Cruz Stylin'

Santa Cruz has always been my happy place. I grew up spending many weekends and holidays in Capitola where my grandpa lived, so I've continued to find comfort near the water ever since. Everything is easier — and slower — in Santa Cruz, which lends itself well to sunshine filled strolls down Pacific Ave. Every time, I somehow find myself strolling right into Stripe, my favorite boutique hands down.

I would live in Stripe if they allowed met. The sell everything from perfectly curated home decor, my favorite candles, beautiful clothing, to delicate gold jewelry — this place is dangerous. There's even a mens store next door filled with loads of quality clothing and accessories that you want to dress your man (or yourself!) in from head to toe. 

After I spend too much money in Stripe, I wrap up my weekend getaway by the ocean for a calm escape before the next week begins.

1. Banana Republic sweater 2. Loeffler Randall bag 3. Zara jeans 4. Madewell sandals 5. Raen sunglasses.  

It's All About the Hair

I'm devoting this post to my hair: something I spend the least amount of time on but something that's never an after thought. Your hair not only frames your face, but it's also an extension of your personality, mood, or stage of life. When I look back at old pictures, I can tell exactly what stage of life I was in just by looking at my hair. 

It wasn't until I moved to San Francisco, that I decided I wanted to add some color to my very dark brown locks. I used to think, "I"m Asian, I can't dye my hair!" but then the whole ombre trend came in style, and I slowly mustered up the courage to go for a big change. I still had long hair when I first dyed it, and although I liked my ombre color at the time, it was a little too drastic for my taste. 

Now I go for a natural, effortless look that still has dimension and some uniqueness to it. I've been getting my hair colored and cut at Population Salon on Divasadero in San Francisco and always walk out of there feeling like a million bucks (even though I'm a couple hundred dollars poorer). If you go there, ask for Jay, he won't disappoint. 

Now for my hair routine: Since my hair isn't super oily and I prefer my hair more textured and less silky, I only wash my hair every three days. On about day two, I use Drybar's Detox Dry Shampoo to add some life back into the roots. I loosely curl my hair with Conair's one and half inch curling iron — it's cheap but works! To finish it off, I spray on some of Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray for tousled, no-fuss tendrils. This whole process maybe takes me ten minutes in the morning and on day two and three, it takes even less time because I just need to curl a few pieces on the top.  

I'm loving this look now, but who knows, I'm always open to mixing it up. Whenever my life feels like I need to shake things up, I often use my hair to symbolize that change, whether that be a new city, new season, or new adventure. 

Snow Bunnies in Kirkwood

Taylor Swift and snow bunnies pretty much sum up last weekend. Surprisingly, it was the guys on the trip that put Taylor Swift's 1989 album on repeat . . . not the girls. The album seemed fitting for our weekend in Kirkwood – it was fun, dreamy, and filled with new friends. 

The weather was absolutely perfect. Not too cold but just cold enough to feel like it was winter in the mountains.  Here are more snaps from the trip!

The pic above perfectly exemplifies why I love California. Just a three and half hour drive from San Francisco, and you get a view like this. 

My friend's cabin was stunning. The high ceilings and cozy fireplace really made the space. Even better, there  were enough beds to sleep such a large party comfortably. I'm putting a cabin like this on my wish list for the future.  

Sunshine in Southern California

Growing up in San Diego, I was lucky enough to have this view at my fingertips with just a twenty minute drive towards the ocean. The beaches down here are much different from San Francisco and northern California's beaches. While I can appreciate both, whenever I return to Law Street in PB, I feel nostalgic for my carefree days before entering the "real world." The endless California burritos, Acai bowls, and lackadaisical lifestyle are unbeatable down south. 

I took this photo before a morning donation-based yoga class that's held outdoors every Saturday and Sunday. I absolutely love this class! Not only is the instructor inspirational and the vinyasa challenging, but this view above is the cherry on top.

Enjoying the sunshine while hanging out with these two, we had a lovely New Year's brunch at the Sunny Spot in Venice. Bottomless bloody Mary's, plantains, and yucca fries helped cure the previous night's hangover. These ladies are too cool for school in their matching ripped black jeans and classic white Chuck Taylors. 

I found this crazy bunny mural while strolling down Abbot Kinney boulevard in Venice Beach. 

These Venice canals almost made me feel like I was back in Italy . . . although the huge houses and endless palm trees gave it away.